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In the heart of Punjab, MSL Legwear was born from a vision to blend innovation with sustainability It evolved from merely a brand to a stride of change, pushing beyond the norms of the industry, with a deep commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

Today, MSL is a testament to the power of sustainable innovation, where each product is a step toward a more inclusive and green future. MSL's narrative is a celebration of unity, creativity, and forward-thinking, crafting a legacy where fashion and conscience coexist.

Our History

Our journey began with KTM Leather, Pakistan's largest exporter of finished leather. We expanded with ginning factories and ventured into agrifarming, growing to 2500 acres. Our textile operations include spinning, weaving, and knitting units. We diversified into real estate, poultry, dining, footwear, fresh produce exports, apparel, and legwear production. Today, we proudly operate across various industries, continuously innovating and expanding our legacy of excellence and sustainability.

KTM Leather

Our legacy began with KTM Leather, a pioneering tannery that continues to be Pakistan's largest exporter of finished leather. We transformed rawhide into excellence, laying the foundation for a thriving future

First Ginning Factory

We diversified with our first ginning factory, a testament to our commitment to growth and innovation. Today, our group operates 7 ginning factories, playing a vital role in the textile industry.

Beginning of a journey
Agrifarming Land

Vision turned to fertile ground as we acquired 500 acres for agrifarming. This marked the beginning of a journey that has seen our landholdings flourish to 2500 acres today, ensuring a sustainable and responsible approach

Threads of Success
First Spinning Unit
Threads of success were woven with the establishment of our first spinning unit. Our commitment to textiles deepened, and today, the Mahmood Group operates 8 spinning units with a combined capacity of over 300,000 spindles under Mahmood Textile and Masood Spinning Mills.
Loom of opportunity
First weaving unit
The loom of opportunity called, and we answered with the establishment of our first weaving unit. Today, the group operates 2 weaving units with a capacity exceeding 250 looms under Mahmood Textile Mills, transforming yarn into exceptional fabrics
Beyond Manufacturing
Real estate and trading
Our vision extended beyond manufacturing. We ventured into real estate and trading, and today, our portfolio boasts 300,000 square feet of premium rental real estate, encompassing hotels, schools, and luxurious office spaces.
The Center Stage
First knitted garment unit
Comfort and style took center stage with the establishment of our first knitted garment unit, Multan Fabrics. Today, this unit produces an impressive 15,000 garments daily, catering to diverse needs.
Nourishing lives
Establishment of poultry division
Nourishing lives became a priority with the establishment of our poultry division. This venture not only produces 500,000 eggs daily but also boasts supporting feed mills with a capacity of 50 tons per day, ensuring a sustainable and ethical food chain
First restaurant
A fine dining experience awaited as we opened our first restaurant. Today, the group operates 10 restaurants, including franchisee restaurants of Subway for the region, offering a delightful culinary journey.
A foot forward
Established footwear unit
Putting a foot forward, we established our footwear unit, boasting a production capacity of 1 million pairs per year. This venture caters to diverse footwear needs with exceptional quality
Fresh Horizons
Established VHT Plant
: Fresh horizons emerged with the establishment of our VHT plant, dedicated to exporting fruits and vegetables. Today, the group proudly exports 500 tons of fresh produce annually, ensuring global access to Pakistani goodness
MG Apparel
Apparel unit Established
MG Apparel, our apparel unit, was established, producing an impressive 35,000 garments daily. This venture signifies our commitment to providing exceptional clothing solutions on a global scale.
Stepping into the future
Stepping into the future
Stepping into the future, we've established MSL Legwear, a business dedicated to socks production. This venture boasts a capacity of 3 million dozens per year, catering to comfort and style needs on a grand scale

Our Services

At MSL Legwear, our services extend beyond products; they are a testament to our dedication to meeting the diverse requirements of our clients. Experience the MSL advantage – where quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction are at the forefront of everything we do.


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We understand that every client is unique. Our customization expertise allows brands, businesses, and individuals to tailor legwear solutions to their specific preferences, creating products that stand out in the market.

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