About us

Our journey began with KTM Leather, Pakistan's largest exporter of finished leather. We expanded with ginning factories and ventured into agrifarming, growing to 2500 acres. Our textile operations include spinning, weaving, and knitting units. We diversified into real estate, poultry, dining, footwear, fresh produce exports, apparel, and legwear production. Today, we proudly operate across various industries, continuously innovating and expanding our legacy of excellence and sustainability

The journey of MSL Legwear reached its defining moment with a revolutionary commitment: complete oversight from the cultivation of cotton to the final stitch of the sock, making a groundbreaking commitment to full transparency and susta- inability. "Everyone has a right to a shared space" became the guiding principle for this brand and this ethos not only redefi- ned industry standards but also solidified MSL's role as a pioneer of inclusivity and environmental stewardship.

Today, MSL is a testament to the power of sustainable innovation, where each product is a step toward a more inclusive and green future. MSL's narrative is a celebration of unity, creativity, and forward-thinking, crafting a legacy where fashion and conscience coexist.

CEO’S Message

“MATERIAL SUSTAINABLE LEGWEAR”-”- Our goals are clear, recognizing industry evolution and Pakistan's export potential we set out to make them a reality. Our three-year visionary research transitioned us to socks, known for their remarkable efficiency from material to product.

MSL Legwear is not just about socks. We prioritize "Seed to Sock" sustainability, sourcing responsibly, a nd integrating eco-conscious practices. This commitment aligns perfectly with the rising global demand for ethical fashion.

For us, innovation is key. Our investment in cutting-edge automated machines ensures unparalleled efficiency and quality, advancing our goal of delivering exceptional value and bolstering the national economy in the most sustainable way possible. Together, let's Knit a brighter future where everyone human has a right to a “shared space”.

Our Story

In the bustling capital of Punjab, MSL began with a desire to champion ideas and shape a better world through thought leadership. Our values combine sustainability, ethical practices, and the belief in “a shared space” embodied in our name: MSL—Material, Sustainable, Legwear. The journey of MSL continues to inspire generations to think boldly, lead with purpose, and elevate the intellect of humanity.y.


We strive to empower legwear brands as their strategic partner through a traceable supply chain, value and design innovation, smart industry practices, and a team of high-performing, happy individuals committed to creating a greener and happier planet.


To continuously excel in our thought leadership, delivering human-centric products through our relentless pursuit of creativity and business innovation, while staying true to our societal and environmental ethos.

Core Values

Vision | Learn | Excellence | Accountability | Relationship | Nature


The People Behind MSL:

At MSL Legwear, our vision is fueled by people: Our dedicated team and valued customers.

Empowered Employees, Engaged Community

We foster a diverse, equitable workplace that invests in employee growth. Our shared passion for sustainability unites us as we create high-quality legwear.

Customers with a Cause

We share a purpose with you. You're not just buying legwear; you're choosing sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility. With every MSL product, you join us in knitting a better future.

We believe in conscious style and responsible quality. Together, let's redefine fashion as a force for good. “WALK WITH MSL.”


Commitment to a Sustainable and Empowered Future

MSL Legwear: Committed to a Sustainable and Empowered Future.

We believe in Knitting a better future for people and the planet. We are a brand built on the foundation of ethical and sustainable practices throughout our entire supply chain.

Our Commitment to Sustainability:


We source our own BCI-certified cotton, ensuring responsible farming practices that minimize environmental impact

Ethical Supply Chain

We prioritize an ethical supply chain, promoting fair labor practices and diversity within our workforce.

Renewable Energy

Our farms are powered by solar energy, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Global Certifications

We are committed to upholding the highest standards. We are CTPAT certified for security, Global Recycled Standard certified for responsible use of recycled materials, and Higg Index & LEED certified for measuring and improving our environmental footprint.


MSL Design & Innovation Lab: Where Ideas Take Shape.

At MSL Legwear, sustainability meets style thanks to our dedicated Design & Innovation Lab. Here, it's not just about crafting comfortable and fashionable legwear; it's about pushing boundaries and pioneering the future of sustainable fashion in a shared space.

Innovative materials

Our team explores cutting-edge sustainable yarns that offer exceptional comfort and performance without sacrificing the planet and minimal carbon footprint.

Functional design

We combine style with functionality, creating legwear that adapts to your needs and lifestyle.

Sustainable solutions

We find creative ways to minimize waste and resource usage throughout the design process.

Think beyond the thread

Our lab isn't just about physical products. We're constantly exploring innovative ways to improve our environmental footprint – from packaging to production methods. It's a collaborative space where creativity and sustainability collide to create truly impactful change.

Join the Innovation Journey! The MSL Design & Innovation Lab thrives on fresh ideas and perspectives. We believe in the power of collaboration, so stay tuned for exciting opportunities to co-create and shape the future of sustainable legwear with us!